What we do

SEM design, manufacture and supply superior servo and spindle motors to a number of industries, where accurate control and positioning are required. We have existed since 1914, when we first began to manufacture electric rotating equipment, and over the last half a century we specialised in high performance servomotors, and began to adopt the latest techniques in manufacturing, in order to achieve our goal of supplying world class motors on time to our customers. SEM is a company which is dynamic and improvement focussed, unafraid to take risks in the pursuit of outstanding quality in the products we deliver to our customers.

Our goal is to be the motor manufacturer of choice for our customers, based on our principles, our people and our way of working.

Our six principles make us the supplier of choice:

Our Customer first: Our primary focus is on our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our Team: People are our most important resource; we seek to develop and reward high calibre and enthusiastic employees by sharing our success via a fair remuneration and benefits structure. We seek to support employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Our community: We endeavour to foster and support positive relationships with community groups and local charities to enhance the area in which we work.

Our technical excellence: We continually strive to innovate, design and manufacture technically advanced product.

Our Long-Term Focus: We base our management decisions on a long-term view, even if this is at the detriment of short-term goals.

Our environment: We seek to actively contribute to the protection of our environment through all our actions.