Who we are

We believe that our success as a company is all about our people, and as such make every effort to ensure that the benefits of our success are used to further improve our facilities and offering to our staff. We also believe that as part of SEM we have core values that go to the heart of what makes us unique and successful. This includes having pride in SEM and its products; taking responsibility and making decisions on a day to day basis; approaching challenges with a positive mind-set; engaging with everyone with respect; promoting safety and wellbeing of all our colleagues; and continually striving for excellence.














SEM as a company is unique; and it is the talent and excellence of our staff that keeps us in our world class position.

In fact, our business model, named TogetherBetter, grew out of a people engagement initiative designed to empower everyone at SEM with the knowledge, skills and autonomy for them to excel in their roles. We believe that in order for us to be successful, we need to have a long-term vision, the tools and methodology to achieve it, and to believe in the importance of what we do.