Meet the team


Joint Managing Director

We would like to welcome you to SEM and very much hope that you will be interested in joining us in making world class motors. The investment over the last ten years in all aspects of our Company has been significant with a purpose-built facility and the latest equipment and technologies incorporated into our processes.  Most important of all has been our investment in our staff.

SEM is an exciting and enjoyable company to work for.  We have very high levels of employee involvement and have an open and collaborative style of working.  Our culture is built in on continuous improvement and we are constantly seeking to develop through learning and the application of best practice.  If this approach appeals to you then we would love to hear from you.



Joint Managing Director


Head of Technical


Chief Financial Officer and Head of Information Systems

My career (so far) with SEM spans more than a quarter of a century. Through those years, I have seen many changes, some good, some not so good, but all those changes were made with the intention of making SEM a better company and a better place to work.

We now find ourselves in the enviable position of having a fantastic group of people in a fantastic production facility, having invested tens of millions of Pounds in our future, and on the cusp of introducing a range of motors that will set the standard for world production.

I don’t pretend to fully understand the technology behind many of the new machine tools or bespoke production equipment that we continue to introduce to the company, but it gives me great pleasure to watch as we relentlessly step, pace by pace, toward our goal of making the best servo and spindle motors in the world.

I’m immensely proud to work with the people I work with and I’m equally proud of the products that we make. I feel valued and I feel enthused and, most of all, I feel part of something good.


Head of I.T.


LVS Team Leader

My interest in engineering began when I was relatively young. When it came to DIY, fixing electricals in the house and other miscellaneous things I would always be my dad’s first point of call as oppose to my older brother. As a result I naturally geared towards to the STEM based subjects at school and decided to do a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design. What I liked most about my degree was that I was able to have a hand in both the mechanics and design aspect of things. The Team Leader role, which I started in August 2016, was a perfect fit for me as just like the degree, I’ve still been able to participate in various aspects of the day-to-day running of the cells. It has given me the opportunity to be involved with technical, production engineering, data analysis elements and help out on the cell. A year on, I can say I’m fully enjoying the challenges involved with working at SEM, working with other women in engineering and most definitely working with my Spindle team. In the future it would be great to see more women join SEM in engineering!


SVS Lead Operator

I have been with SEM since March 2014. I joined the company as a production operative, and have seen SEM go through lots of changes with the move from Orpington to Dartford and updating the way we work from batch to one piece flow production. Over the last year, I have been enrolled onto a NVQ Business Improvement Techniques course, which is run by an external coach and has really enhanced my understanding of lean methodology, plus will give me a recognised qualification to take away at the end of the year of training. I was also recently promoted to become the lead operator of my area, which has brought a fresh set of challenges and targets to meet but I am relishing the opportunity to make my mark.


Production Engineer

I joined SEM in August 2016 as a Graduate Production Operative and began work within what we call the large value stream, building our spindle motor range. This role was hands on and part of a team, which I really enjoyed. I think my passion for engineering really began when I was at school, and specialised in STEM subjects, leading to my eventual completion of a masters in Mechanical Engineering at Surrey University. SEM was recommended to me as a great place to work by one of my friends, so when I saw the vacancy pop up on LinkedIn I applied straight away. Personally I think that a hands on role is a great starting position for a graduate, as you gain an understanding of the product and processes involved in creating it. This really helped when I was promoted to Production Engineer after a few months, as I could see opportunities for improvements and understood the challenges and frustrations for operators. I’m really enjoying the challenge at the moment, but looking to the future I would love to become a more senior member of the team and can definitely see myself doing that with SEM!